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Chapter 49-Part 1

Madam Yin had arranged countless marriages in her life, but never had she felt such a heavy responsibility as she did now, tasked with matchmaking for four families.

In the past, she hadn’t taken a close look at the Crown Prince’s tutor, but now that she has, she finds him to be a truly beautiful young man! If it weren’t for the visible Adam’s apple, she would have mistaken him for a young girl!

The more she looked, the more she liked him, feeling that her own daughter had married too early. Otherwise, how could she let such a catch slip away?

Jiang Xiurun initially didn’t understand why Madam Yin had come to see her. It wasn’t until Madam Yin began to speak that she realized she was here to act as a matchmaker for her.

She could only smile and politely decline, saying that her elder brother was not yet married, so how could she marry first, reversing the seniority order?

Madam Yin found this reasonable and began discussing the eligible noble ladies she had in mind, suggesting that as soon as the elder brother was married, they could find a match for the younger brother.

Jiang Xiurun listened carefully, even asking about the birth dates of several young ladies to see if they matched her brother’s.

Her elder brother was pure-hearted but too old-fashioned. In his past life, he died for his country without any attachments. If in this life he could marry and have children early, having ties might make him more cautious and less reckless…

As they discussed this eagerly, a little servant hiding under the window overheard their conversation and relayed a twisted version to Feng Liwu.

At that time, His Highness was correcting documents. When the servant reported that Jiang Xiurun had found a matchmaker to find wives for both him and his brother, his brush slipped, leaving a deep mark on the paper.

Feng Liwu slowly raised his head, his eyes glinting ominously, and said to the servant, “Repeat that.”

The servant, thinking the prince hadn’t heard clearly, embellished further, “Young Master Jiang is in a hurry to get married. He asked Madam Yin to first choose a good wife for his elder brother, then find a match for himself. But Madam Yin said too many girls wanted to marry Young Master Jiang. If she turned any of them down, they’d be offended, so she asked Young Master Jiang to consider each girl before deciding…”

Before he finished, he heard a crack.

The servant looked up, terrified, to see the prince break his brush in half with one hand, his eyes blazing.

He waved the servant away, but his anger only grew.

Such audacity! Had she forgotten she was a woman? Did she really think she could marry like a man? What use was it? Did she have the necessary tools to please a woman?

The more Feng Liwu thought about it, the angrier he became. He couldn’t focus on the pile of documents anymore and decided to summon the culprit to ask which family’s daughter she had taken a fancy to!

Jiang Xiurun had just sent off the chatterbox, Madam Yin, and was heading to the back garden for a walk to clear her mind when she was summoned by His Highness. Thinking the prince had something important to discuss, she went over quickly.

As soon as she entered the study, she was hit by a wave of cold air.

Jiang Xiurun had no idea what had set Feng Liwu off this time, so she carefully kneeled down, waiting for his instructions.

Feng Liwu was wiping ink stains off his hands with a damp cloth, growing more irritated with each swipe, and finally tossing the cloth aside.

Jiang Xiurun, always attentive, saw that the prince’s hands weren’t clean yet and quickly brought over the basin of water the servant had prepared, letting him wash his hands.

Feng Liwu extended his hands, still scowling, and Jiang Xiurun gently scrubbed the ink off with soap.

As the soft hands of the young master worked, Feng Liwu’s anger gradually dissipated, but his face remained stern. “I heard Madam Yin seek you out. For what reason?”

Jiang Xiurun knew that ever since her escape, the prince had had her under surveillance, with regular reports on her activities. So she truthfully explained Madam Yin’s proposal.

Having finished washing, the prince asked, “Is Young Master Jiang in a hurry to marry?”

Jiang Xiurun found this question tricky. If she said no, the prince, who might have tendencies toward romantic interest in men, might think she wasn’t interested in women either. But if she said yes, the prince might take it upon himself to arrange a marriage for her immediately.

So, she vaguely replied, “No hurry, no hurry…”

Feng Liwu has found himself chuckling more often recently, even when angry. He smirked coldly and asked, “What do you mean?”

Jiang Xiurun took a golden-embedded jade jar from the side, scooping out some goose oil salve to apply to the prince’s hands while massaging them, “As a man, of course, I hope to one day establish a family and have a virtuous wife and children… But now, with my ambitions not yet realized and unable to make significant contributions, how can I have the leisure to think about marriage and children? Only when I assist Your Highness in pacifying the four directions and unifying the world will I have the time to consider personal matters.”

Despite knowing that the person before him was a woman, Feng Liwu couldn’t help but be moved by the loyalty and passion in her eyes.

Refusing marriage while flattering him—this mouth is really…slippery!

But as he thought about it, he couldn’t help but remember how sweet those lips had tasted…

However, Jiang Xiurun was unaware of the prince’s wandering thoughts and took the opportunity to say that although she wasn’t in a hurry to marry, her elder brother, being of age, should establish his own family.

But since their residence had been marred by a death, she feared that even if Madam Yin arranged a good match, it would be tainted by past tragedies.

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