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Chapter 49-Part 2

However, as a hostage, he was only allowed to have his residence for survival in Great Qi, and was not permitted to own any private property or real estate. She wondered if His Highness could step in and help secure a well-situated property with excellent feng shui, so that her elder brother could settle down and start a family in Luo’an City.

Because Jiang Xiurun had vowed to stay chaste and follow his ambition of unifying the world, Feng Liwu’s mood inexplicably improved. He readily agreed to such a trivial matter, telling her to take a look around Luo’an City and, once she found a suitable residence, to inform the registrar, who would make the necessary arrangements.

But seeing this woman so accustomed to acting like a man, with no sign of remorse, Feng Liwu felt he should remind her, saying, “As long as you are sincere to me, I will remember it. But if you deceive me, I will not let it go lightly…”

Jiang Xiurun thought the prince was referring to her previous escape attempt. She resolved to be diligent and make up for past mistakes to repay the prince’s favor by helping with the residence.

When lunch was served, she eagerly wrapped a slice of roasted kidney in a perilla leaf and offered it to the prince.

Under the influence of his new aide, Feng Liwu developed a taste for good food. Taking a bite, he found it lacking in flavor. Jiang Xiurun immediately had someone bring spicy sauce, and the kidney tasted even better with it.

During the meal, Jiang Xiurun cautiously inquired about her sister Jiang Xiuyao’s fate. The prince, while sipping his soup, replied, “Didn’t the Ministry of Rites already list her? She will enter the residence along with Princess Tian and Princess Cao.”

Jiang Xiurun was surprised that the prince had indeed planned to bring her sister into the residence.

Ever since the prince caught her in an affair with Tian Ying, she felt that although he appeared cold, he had a heart as vast as the sea. Now, seeing that he was willing to accept her sister, who had a child out of wedlock, she confirmed that his heart was truly a vast ocean that was able to tolerate everything.

Jiang Xiurun sincerely believed that Feng Liwu was a man capable of great deeds.

Filled with admiration, she ladled a bowl of ginseng chicken soup for the prince to nourish him.

Feng Liwu accepted the nourishing soup without hesitation, drinking it all in one go. He then kindly said to the young master, “You seem a bit frail yourself. You should drink more of this to avoid becoming weak in the future…”

Jiang Xiurun gratefully thanked the prince for his kindness and also drank from a large bowl.

Since the Ministry of Rites had just announced the candidates for the prince’s concubines, the ceremony wouldn’t take place until late spring or early summer.

This gave the prince’s residence ample time to prepare. Otherwise, welcoming three concubines at once would have exhausted the staff.

Even so, preparations for buying and arranging items were underway.

The steward of the prince’s household, accustomed to consulting Jiang Xiurun, found it necessary to discuss certain matters with her.

Jiang Xiurun had just secured a luxurious residence in the bustling Sima Hutong district of Luo’an City. The registrar said they could move in before the end of the year.

This new house required new furniture, which conveniently coincided with the prince’s household’s purchases for the new arrivals.

Previously reprimanded by the prince, Jiang Xiurun dared not take any kickbacks this time. However, using the prince’s residence name to purchase items, she managed to negotiate significant discounts.

The new residence was soon renovated and adorned with a new plaque.

The process of moving items from the hostage’s residence to the new home created a festive atmosphere, almost like preparing for a wedding.

Seizing the advantage of  status Bo state’s hostage residence, Jiang Xiurun also arranged a good marriage for him.

The bride wasn’t from a noble family in Luo’an City but was the daughter of a wealthy merchant.

This family, surnamed Liu, had spent money to buy a minor official position for the patriarch, thus removing the stigma of being mere merchants.

Jiang Xiurun had chosen the third daughter of the Liu family.

This young lady, nicknamed Wen niang, was indeed steady and reliable, true to her name.

In her past life, Wen niang had an unfortunate marriage because her father sought to climb the social ladder by marrying her off to the son of a dignitary who was remarried. She ended up managing her husband’s finances and dealing with her adult stepchildren, while also providing for his mistresses.

Jiang Xiurun knew Wen niang because, despite her low profile, she eventually divorced her husband, returned to her family, resumed the business, and became a legendary merchant of immense wealth.

This girl had a bright future ahead of her! Jiang Xiurun deliberated for a long time before finalizing the match.

She had seen Wen niang a few times in her previous life, after she became a merchant leader. Wen niang was a woman with a resolute and determined look.

Jiang Xiurun believed her brother would cherish his wife sincerely. Marrying such a woman would be a great blessing for any man.

She could only help her brother to this extent. Whether they would live harmoniously depended on their fate.

To show sincerity, Jiang Xiurun took her brother to the Liu family to exchange their birth dates.

Before leaving, Jiang Xiurun worriedly asked her brother, “I’ve taken it upon myself to arrange this marriage for you. Do you mind that the Liu family comes from a merchant background?”

If her brother harbored resentment and mistreated Wen niang in the future, it would be better to cancel the engagement now to avoid a lifetime of misery.

Jiang Zhi had seen Wen niang from a distance during a previous matchmaking attempt. She was a gentle and delicate young girl.

Physical attraction is important. Jiang Zhi liked Wen niang at first sight. As a young man experiencing his first love, he had been eagerly looking forward to seeing her again before the wedding.

Now, hearing his sister’s question, he feared a change of plans and quickly said, “We are hostages in Luo’an, without even a proper household registration. We are like floating roots. If the Liu family doesn’t mind me, how could I mind them?”

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