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Chapter 55-Part 2

“Come with me and watch me do it once. Learn well.”

Ma Tao decided to use the simplest method to teach. If he still couldn’t learn this way, Ma Tao would go crazy.

Ma Ruian meekly followed the family head to visit the old business partners, but once again, they were met with closed doors. The employees of the old partners said that the bosses were not in and wouldn’t see anyone.

Ma Ruian secretly sneered, thinking that Ma Tao, who was supposed to show his prowess, was no different from himself.

With a face like thunder, Ma Tao went to the most familiar partner. He had a relationship with this partner for over twenty years and directly barged in to ask what was going on.

The old friend couldn’t avoid him and sighed, “Your family’s issues have spread throughout our circle.”

Ma Tao was stunned, “What issues?”

“Of course, it’s about Ruiming,” the old friend said, surprised at Ma Tao’s slowness.

“Ruiming has been working hard for your family since he was a teenager, toiling for the Ma family. And what was the result? The moment he was no longer useful, he was cast aside. If you can treat your kin like this, who dares to do business with you? Not making money is one thing, but fearing to be backstabbed once you’re no longer useful is another.”

Ma Tao’s face turned sour, realizing it was his decision to abandon Ma Ruiming and choose Ma Ruian.

“What do you mean by saying it’s spread throughout the circle?”

“Almost everyone knows by now,” the old friend replied with a blunt honesty that tugged at Ma Tao’s heart.

“You seem to know a lot,” Ma Tao took a deep breath, swallowing his pride. “We’ve known each other for a long time. Tell me. Ruian might be getting duped and still in the dark.”

The old friend hesitated but then decided to be frank, recalling Ma Tao’s past kindness.

“Recently, Tangmen has been giving out free samples of their hemostatic ointment, supposedly suggested by a newly hired employee with the surname Ma. He had muscle and bone damage and was saved by Boss Zhao, so he’s been zealously helping Tangmen’s development.”

Upon hearing this, Ma Tao understood everything. The strife between Ma Ruiming and Ma Ruian was a family scandal, known only to insiders. The fact that it was now widely known could only mean Ma Ruiming himself had spread the word.

Ma Ruian was already in the wrong. Ma Tao could pretend not to know the truth for the sake of his successor, but others wouldn’t share his view.

He suddenly remembered Ma Ruiming asking him before leaving the Ma family, “I want Ma Ruian to live a life worse than death. Can you do that?”

He had refused, so Ma Ruiming took matters into his own hands.

Ma Tao suddenly felt bewildered. He had abandoned Ma Ruiming because of his severe injuries, thinking he would never fully recover, and chose Ma Ruian. When Ma Ruiming did recover and there was a final chance to mend their relationship, he used family rules to reject him, believing Ma Ruiming, who was always kind-hearted, wouldn’t seriously hold a grudge against Ma Ruian.

Why did he think Ma Ruiming would forgive Ma Ruian? After all, Ma Ruiming had almost died because of Ma Ruian!

It was clear that Ma Ruiming had no intention of sparing Ma Ruian. If he insisted on Ma Ruian taking over the Ma family, wouldn’t their personal feud drag the Ma family into it?

Considering Ma Ruian’s abilities, he would be no match for Ma Ruiming. Under Ma Ruian’s leadership, what would become of the Ma family?

Thinking about this, Ma Tao shuddered, regretting for the first time his merciless treatment of Ma Ruiming.


“…That was the profit for the last quarter. The data shows that increasing the price of the hemostatic ointment to 500 credits was the right move. Although fewer people bought it, the total sales increased significantly. The online store has also taken off and is growing rapidly. Last quarter, online sales accounted for thirty percent of total sales. Lastly, I’ve arranged for fifty percent of the profits to be transferred to the chief pharmacist’s account.”

Zhao Min lightly tapped the table, internally feeling thankful for the nth time that he had taken the risk to cure Ma Ruiming. Employees as capable as him were hard to find.

Acting as a guard, manager, and pharmacist, despite being clearly wary of him, Ma Ruiming didn’t mind and actively sought to make trouble for Ma Ruian.

Initially, Zhao Min was worried that Ma Ruiming’s poor relationship with the Ma family indicated he might be a spy, but over time, he realized this was not the case.

No spy would actively bring their own base to the brink of collapse!

It was no exaggeration to say that since Ma Ruiming joined Tangmen, the Ma family hadn’t troubled Tangmen at all, being too preoccupied with the chaos Ma Ruiming had caused.

Zhao Min often marveled at the Ma family’s foolishness in abandoning Ma Ruiming. For the Ma family, Ma Ruiming’s recovery was a disaster.

A formidable opponent, well-versed in shop operations, intimately familiar with the rival’s temperament, and skilled in the art of conflict, was leveraging Tangmen’s medicines to suppress the Ma family while boosting Tangmen’s performance… Zhao Min occasionally lit a candle for the Ma family in his mind.

“Well done.” Zhao Min cleared his throat.

“I heard that Ma Tao visited the shop a few days ago?”

Ma Ruiming paused, then chuckled, “Yes, he sincerely offered to let me deal with Ma Ruian and expressed his hope that I would return to the Ma family. I refused.”

“Why refuse? Wouldn’t that be beneficial?” Zhao Min watched Ma Ruiming closely, not missing a single subtle expression.

Ma Ruiming spread his hands and said, “Honestly, if this had been at the beginning, I might have hesitated. But now, I can ruin Ma Ruian with my own power, without any extra moves from him. Besides, I’m a Tangmen employee, having signed a decades-long contract. I can’t leave!”

His words were full of resignation, but his face was radiant with happiness.

Zhao Min stroked his chin, finally feeling reassured. This man was unlikely to leave.

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