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Chapter 102

The distance between Baiqi Kingdom and Huanglan Kingdom wasn’t particularly far. It took Su Hua just three days to get there.

In Bianjing, the capital city:

“Old Li, are you still setting up your stall? Go home; no one will buy anything.”

On the street,

A middle-aged man, around fifty years old, dressed in tattered clothes, was setting up a stall. It was just a piece of torn cloth with a single rope on it. The rope was thin, yellow, and blue, looking very ordinary.

“This is definitely a treasure,” the middle-aged man insisted, sitting on the ground.

The stall owner next to him, unable to bear it any longer, spoke up again, “If you want to earn medical expenses for your child, you’d be better off taking on mercenary tasks. Trying to sell a single rope, how do you expect to make any money?”

Old Li was indeed stubborn. His child was sick and had used up all their savings. They needed a hundred thousand gold coins to buy a Chi Yue pill. He had a so-called divine object to sell for a hundred thousand gold coins.

After half a month of setting up his stall, it wasn’t that no one had come to look, but everyone who saw the rope found it to be just an ordinary rope. They wouldn’t even use it to tie firewood, saying it was too short.

Old Li remained silent. His cultivation level was low, and it would take him three to five years to earn enough money as a mercenary. By then, his son would have already passed away.

Moreover, he found the rope outside a secret realm where a man had brought it out but died shortly after. Old Li had been uneasy about picking it up.

“How much is this?”

Someone came to ask about the price. Old Li was used to this and replied directly, “A hundred thousand gold coins, non-negotiable.”

He was waiting for the usual scolding when he heard a woman’s voice continue, “Okay.”

“W-what?” Old Li looked up in shock and met a pair of beautiful eyes.

He saw a woman with fine willow eyebrows, clear almond eyes, a delicate and high nose, and pink lips, dressed in a fresh green outfit, as if she had walked out of a painting.

Su Hua showed a bright smile, “Do you want a crystal card or gold coins?”

“C-crystal card.”

Su Hua handed him a crystal card, “The rope is mine now.”

Mu Ye, standing nearby, said nothing. From the city gate to now, he was numb. Hua Hua was becoming more extravagant.

Thinking of the gold coins in their space, Mu Ye felt a bit poor.

“Alright.” Old Li couldn’t believe it.

The rope was sold just like that.

Su Hua took the rope in her hand, a gleam of light flashing in her eyes, and then tossed the rope into her space.

The stall owner next to them, feeling jealous and bitter, said sourly, “Girl, that’s just an ordinary rope. You—”

“Spending money recklessly.”

Stall owner: “…”

Old Li felt a bit embarrassed, too. Though he believed his rope was a treasure, many had tried it and found it useless. However, he didn’t dwell on it, and he quickly packed up to buy the medicine. He feared the girl might regret her decision.

After completing a one-million-gold coin task in the border capital, the two of them hurried to the capital of the Baiqi Kingdom.

In Baiqi Royal Palace:

“Mu Ye has arrived in the capital?”

The secret guard respectfully replied, “Yes, arrived early yesterday morning.”


Jimo Chen swept everything off the table to the floor, “What are you all good for? You can’t even kill one person!”

“Master, Mu Ye has been with Yao Hua all this time, and his strength seems to have reached the level of a magic saint.”

“A m-magic saint?”

“Yes,” the secret guard was visibly shaken.

“An advanced magician can’t last more than three moves against him.”

Jimo Chen’s face immediately darkened, his eyes shifting unpredictably before finally calming.

“Make sure all traces are cleaned up immediately. We mustn’t let them find any evidence.”

“Yes,” the secret guard said, bowing his head.

“Master, their arrival in the capital likely means they know you are the mastermind.”

“As long as they have no evidence, Father won’t believe them.”

Jimo Chen waved his hand, and the secret guard vanished instantly.

Jimo Chen soon realized he was wrong.

When Su Hua and Mu Ye arrived in the capital, De’er started causing trouble, constantly issuing tasks, so Su Hua had to drag Mu Ye around spending money everywhere.

It wasn’t until nightfall that the two of them stealthily flew towards the palace.


After quickly dealing with the last palace servant, Su Hua and Mu Ye quietly sneaked into the Crown Prince’s bedchamber.

Jimo Chen was writing, feeling very agitated. From morning till night, he hadn’t heard any news about Mu Ye entering the palace, which made him uneasy.

“Who’s there?”

The study door was pushed open, and two people walked in.

Jimo Chen was stunned for a moment, quickly guessing their identities. “Mu Ye?”

“Yes,” Mu Ye responded expressionlessly.

Su Hua, following behind, felt like laughing. Why did this scene feel so bizarre?

“Guards!” Jimo Chen immediately shouted.

Su Hua cheerfully said, “No point shouting. No one will come to save you even if you scream.”

Ji Mo Chen glared at Su Hua resentfully, then turned to Mu Ye and said, “Spatial restriction! Are you really a magic saint?”

Mu Ye responded indifferently, “Yes.”

Jimo Chen tried to compose himself, looking at Mu Ye.

“What is your purpose?”

“To kill you,” Mu Ye generously offered the two words.

“You—” Ji Mo Chen’s cultivation was only that of a beginner magician.

Mu Ye could kill him with a mere gesture.

Jimo Chen began playing the family card, “Mu Ye, I am your royal brother.”


“I admit I did some bad things out of jealousy in the past, but Mu Ye, I’ve changed now. Please, spare me? If you let me go, I am even willing to give up the Crown Prince position to you.”

He could only stall for time now, hoping his secret guards would realize something was wrong and come to rescue him.

“No need.”

Mu Ye had no interest in the Crown Prince position.

Su Hua saw through Jimo Chen’s intentions and bluntly exposed them, “No need to stall. Those idiots were all killed by me.”

Ji Mo Chen: “…”

“Come on, tell your story. Why do you want to kill Mu Ye?”

Jimo Chen seemed to ponder for a while, his expression changing several times before settling into a thoughtful look. “I am the legitimate son of the Empress, the eldest by birthright, but Father refused to make me Crown Prince.

When I was twelve, Mu Ye was born. I overheard in the study that Father wanted to make Mu Ye the Crown Prince.

Who is he? His mother is just a woman from a brothel. How could her son become Crown Prince?

Why is Father so biased!”

Naturally, Jimo Chen was unwilling to let Mu Ye take the Crown Prince position, so he had him thrown away instead of killing him outright.

Leaving a newborn baby in a remote, icy wilderness was almost the same as killing him, but Mu Ye was found and taken in by a farming family.

Five years later, at the age of seventeen, Jimo Chen was finally made Crown Prince. Still, he felt uneasy and investigated the past incident. To his surprise, he discovered that Mu Ye was still alive!

So he sent secret guards to wipe out the family that had taken Mu Ye in.

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