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Chapter 62-Part 1

Ji Ran felt that she needed to give Shen Zhi the silent treatment for three days. No, it should be a week.

The classroom was still noisy, although everyone had already accepted Shen Zhi’s image as a top student.

But he was too amazing. Not only did he get first place in the midterm exams, but he was also first in the school and the entire city in the finals.

Does the boss have some sort of buff that makes him excel at everything?

When he was the school bully, he was great at fighting, and now, as a top student, he’s acing exams.

Seeing Ji Ran pursing her lips with a look of not wanting to talk to him, Shen Zhi couldn’t help but chuckle. Of course, he knew Ji Ran would be upset, but he just had a sudden whim to tease her.

Soon, the test papers were handed out. Some students sighed, while others secretly smiled to themselves upon receiving their papers.

For high school students, grades determine whether they can have a good New Year holiday at home.

The test papers wouldn’t be explained now; today was just for getting the final exam report cards and holiday homework. When stacks of papers were brought in from outside, everyone sighed out of habit.

Looking at their reactions, Mr. Qiao couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Come on, can you all show some promise for once? Can’t you see the homework without sighing?”



As if they had agreed beforehand, the students shouted in unison, making Mr. Qiao shake his head. Look at these kids.

But with the winter vacation approaching, Mr. Qiao didn’t want to say much, only reminding them, “Just one thing, make sure to finish your holiday homework. It will be checked when you return.”

The students buzzed like countless little bees.

Mr. Qiao quickly added, “One more thing…”

His words were interrupted by the students’ teasing ‘eh,’ clearly mocking him for saying he would only say one thing.

“This really is the last thing, be safe,” Mr. Qiao laughed.

Then he waved his hand and said, “Take your homework and report cards and head home.”

Today was just for students to get their report cards, with no classes. Hearing this, everyone cheered, agreeing with Mr. Qiao’s wise decision.

While packing her things, Ji Ran bent down, and suddenly, a voice called softly beside her, “Ran Ran.”

It was Shen Zhi.

Ji Ran ignored him, not even turning her head.

“Ran Ran,” Shen Zhi called again calmly, not getting angry.

Ji Ran still ignored him, but Shen Zhi didn’t give up, softly asking, “When are you going back to Jiangdu?”

Ji Ran was putting her test papers into her bag when she paused, not expecting Shen Zhi to ask this.

“Really not going to talk to me?” Shen Zhi leaned closer, his voice very low.

“The holiday is about to start.”

Once the holiday started, they wouldn’t be able to see each other every day, like now.

This time, Ji Ran looked up; her cheeks puffed up slightly in anger, looking particularly cute, making Shen Zhi unable to resist gently pinching her cheek.

“You’re amazing,” he said, looking at her with indescribable sincerity.

“You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met.”

Ji Ran had been keeping a straight face, trying not to smile.

But hearing his words, she couldn’t help but smile. She glanced at him and whispered, “Don’t slack off, or I’ll overtake you any time.”

As soon as she said this, Shen Zhi glanced at her lightly.

“What’s mine is yours; feel free to overtake.”

Since it was the last day, Ji Ran didn’t refuse Shen Zhi’s offer to walk her home, and they headed towards the school gate together. Wen Qianxia and the others joined them, making it less conspicuous.

Xia Jiangming looked at Wen Qianxia and sighed, “Why are you so excited? It’s just getting into the top 100 in the grade.”

“Just?” Wen Qianxia was annoyed at Xia Jiangming’s words.

She sneered, “Do you know that being in the top 100 of our grade means getting into a top university?”

“Oh, a top student of Tsinghua or Peking University, my apologies; I didn’t realize,” Xia Jiangming said sarcastically, making Wen Qianxia hit him in frustration.

“You just can’t stand seeing me do well. My mom said if I got into the top 100, I’d get double red envelopes for New Year’s and manage all my red envelopes myself.”

Every year, Wen Qianxia got thousands of yuan in red envelopes, but her mom always took them, saying it was for safekeeping.

Now, she could rightfully manage her own red envelopes.

“Look at you being so smug. Our Brother Zhi is a student of Tsinghua or Peking University, and he didn’t brag,” Xia Jiangming said, having done poorly on his exams but not caring.

No worries; he had Brother Zhi.

Shen Zhi was not only first in the school but also in the city, which was incredibly impressive.

In Xia Jiangming’s eyes, Shen Zhi’s high scores made him proud too, as Shen Zhi was his boss.

Wen Qianxia looked at him disdainfully and said, “Don’t brag. Those are Shen Zhi’s scores, not yours.”

But Wen Qianxia’s words gave Xia Jiangming an idea.

He looked at Shen Zhi curiously and asked, “Brother Zhi, since you got first in the city, if you get any rewards, you must share them with us.”

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