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Capter 62-Part 2

“Want to take advantage of me?” Shen Zhi glanced at him coolly.

Xia Jiangming, not noticing the slight narrowing of Shen Zhi’s eyes, nodded daringly.

Shen Zhi’s lips curved slightly as he reached out and tugged at Xia Jiangming’s clothes. Realizing the impending danger, Xia Jiangming darted out like a rabbit.

“Brother Zhi, I was wrong,” Xia Jiangming shouted as he quickly fled, afraid Shen Zhi might come after him.

After they left, Shen Zhi hailed a cab at the school gate and got in with Ji Ran to take her home. Once inside, Ji Ran turned to look at him.

“What’s up?” Shen Zhi saw her big eyes darting towards him, resembling a curious little rabbit.

Ji Ran knew that due to his father, Shen Zhi had deliberately performed poorly in exams before, so he certainly wouldn’t voluntarily tell his family about his top city ranking.

Though Ji Qingli was unreliable, he always rewarded her with gifts whenever she did well in exams.

At least in terms of material things, Ji Qingli never shortchanged her.

When Wen Qianxia and the others were chatting earlier, Ji Ran didn’t pay much attention, but now she felt a bit unhappy. Shen Zhi scored so well; he was that enviable, admirable, and hated child from other families. Yet, despite his high scores, he received no rewards and had to keep them hidden.

Ji Ran rummaged through her bag but found nothing since she had only come to collect her report card today.

Frowning, her small face scrunched up like a bun.

What to do?

Finally, she decided and tore a page from her notebook. After folding it, she tried to tear it into a heart shape, but with the car gently rocking and the task being difficult, the result was a crooked heart.

Looking at the misshapen heart, she sighed helplessly.

This thing is so ugly.

As someone with an aesthetic sense, even Ji Ran found it hard to believe she could give this away. But after some thought, she placed the paper on top of her bag.

She wrote “Wish Card” on it.

On the back, she carefully wrote a line: “To reward Shen Zhi for achieving the top rank in the city, he is awarded a wish card, redeemable with Ji Ran for any wish.”

She considered adding “within reason” but felt it would be too picky given the ugly card she was already embarrassed about.

So, she just gave it as it was. Even if Shen Zhi asked her to do something incredibly difficult, she would do it for him.

When she handed the wish card to Shen Zhi with both hands, she whispered, “It may look a bit ugly and unremarkable, but it grants you one wish. Whatever you ask, I’ll do it.”

Shen Zhi had seen her make the card beside him. Now, hearing her speak so earnestly, he looked down at the heart-shaped paper.

Seeing that he didn’t take it right away, Ji Ran thought he found it too ugly.

She sighed, ready to take it back, offering an excuse, “Never mind, I’ll get you something else. This is indeed too ugly.”

As she was about to pocket it, Shen Zhi grabbed her wrist, gently pried open her hand, and spread the wish card in her palm.

He carefully took the card, reading the small line on the back.

To reward Shen Zhi for achieving the top rank in the city…

Seeing this, he smiled softly, “Who said I don’t like it?”

He liked it.

It was something she made for him, and he didn’t find it ugly at all. He thought it was very cute.

Luckily, the car stopped. Embarrassed by the ugly card, Ji Ran quickly got out. But Shen Zhi followed her out.

He caught up and took her wrist.

Ji Ran turned to look at him. Shen Zhi gently placed the paper in her palm. Did he have a wish already?

“You…” She was a bit stunned.

With his eyes slightly lowered, from Ji Ran’s angle, it looked like he was gently closing his eyes.

His voice was soft as he spoke, each word reaching Ji Ran’s ears.

“Please let me be with Ran Ran forever.”

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